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  • Over 20 years experience at Glengarry - we are the mountain bike professionals

About Us

The Bike Synergy story . . .

Bike Synergy has been The Scots College recommended mountain bike supplier for over 20 years. We are the mountain biking professionals at Glengarry.

With almost 25 years experience providing bikes to Glengarry the models we offer are specifically chosen for their suitability to the biking program.

We buy in bulk and pass the savings to you.

Company director Saul Britton visits Glengarry each week to keep every bike in perfect mechanical running order.

Additionally, Saul instructs biking skills, fitness tips and strategies to Glengarry students during their rides on the Glengarry campus.

Bike Synergy is your one stop shop for everything mountain bike related at Glengarry.

We’ll look after you.

Synergistic Services & Benefits

  • The day you purchase your bike is the start of a journey that we will take together.
  • Bike care and servicing at Glengarry campus for your peace of mind
  • Saul is a fully qualified bicycle repair technician with over thirty years of experience.
  • Company director Saul Britton visits Glengarry weekly to guide students on Mountain Bike rides
  • Saul's experience comes from a background professionally racing bikes.
  • Saul will professionally recommend the optimal bike for your son’s requirements at Glengarry

"With a professional background racing mountain bikes all around the world, together with decades of experience instructing at Glengarry, you can be confident Saul is an excellent bicycle repair technician, teacher and rider. "

Why buy a bike through Bike Synergy?

  • We have 25 years experience supplying everything required for the Glengarry program.
  • We buy in bulk and pass the savings to you - we won’t be beaten on price OR service.
  • Our optional bundled servicing and accessory packages give you the assurance your son will have everything required for mountain biking at Glengarry
  • Save time and money knowing we’ve taken care of everything.
  • Order online prior to November 1 to receive FREE delivery to Scots College, Bellevue Hill.
  • Nobody knows Glengarry biking like us - we are the Glengarry professionals.

We’ll look after you.

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Why buy a bike through Bike Synergy?

Our optional bundled servicing and accessory packages give you The Assurance your son will have everything required for mountain biking at Glengarry

Bike Synergy Team

Bike Synergy is a small team with a huge heart and decades of experience.

Saul Britton

Saul Britton

Trail Chief

With a lifelong love of bikes and over 20 years mountain bike instructing at Glengarry Saul has proudly assisted 1000’s of Glengarry students appreciate the joys of mountain biking. One of Saul’s other joys is cycling the world on independent minimalist adventures with his wife Maryna. Each year they can usually both be found in a remote corner of the world traveling with little more than the barest of necessities.

Maryna Britton

Maryna Britton

Trail Queen

Background admin. Maryna’s attention to detail keeps the Bike Synergy entity smoothly ticking along. Maryna enjoys pushing the limits of adventure and endurance on her global mountain biking adventures.

Jasper Blues

Jasper Blues

Website Guru

When Jasper isn’t perched atop building rooftop’s playing renditions of Watermelon Man on his harmonica he can be found in remote corners of the world, creating technology solutions for his clients, or riding his mountain bike.

Brendan Jones

Brendan Jones

Tasmanian Devil Tour Guide

Bearded wonder Tour guide. Brendan’s stories can go on forever - just like his wheelies. Committed to assisting riders of all levels constantly improve, Brendan’s technical input allows us to continually refine our teaching methods.

"We can deliver an impact far greater than the sum of the parts."

It’s Q&A Time!

Saul is a fully qualified bicycle repair technician with over THIRTY YEARS experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What are the differences between 'dual suspension' and 'hardtail' bikes?

Q. What if the bike isn't working correctly at Glengarry?

Q. Can we have the bike delivered to home in time for the school holidays?

Q. Why doesn't the bike have a kick-stand or side-stand?

Q. With so many identical bikes, how will my son know which bike is his?

Q. Does my son require the special padded cycling shorts?

Q. Why would I require the upgraded, grippier pedals?

Q. What is a 'dropper seat post'?


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