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Frequently Asked Questions

Dual suspension bikes have suspension on the front and the rear of the bike. Hardtail bikes have suspension at the front only, and a rigid rear end. Dual suspension bikes are the most popular bike at Glengarry. Dual suspension bikes are best suited to rugged terrain.

Saul Britton, our fully qualified bike mechanic, visits Glengarry twice each week to maintain all bikes at Glengarry. This service is provided free of charge if you buy a bike from us. For bikes sourced elsewhere normal shop charges apply. If a bike requires repair or servicing this can generally be done on campus without need for the bike to be out of action.

This is a great option as it allows your son to become accustomed to the bike and also build fitness throughout the holidays. This also allows sizing confirmation of the bike and accessories prior to travelling to Glengarry. The bike will be delivered fully assembled, ready to ride.

Kickstands/Side-stands are generally found on low quality bikes which are not designed to be ridden on rough trails. For safety reasons they are not suited to bikes intended to be ridden on rough terrain, like found at Glengarry. It is best to simply lean the bike against a wall while not in use.

Every bike purchased through us is supplied with a name label sticker to ensure easy identification of the bikes at Glengarry.

Padded shorts provide enhanced comfort and hygiene. Especially on longer rides such as Long Journey Home, MTB Option Trips and especially the Duke of Ed trips this item is one of the most requested and sought after items.

These pedals provide better security and safety by offering increased grip to the bike. 

A dropper post enables the seat height to be adjusted using a lever mounted on the handlebars. This feature is extremely beneficial on advanced mountain bike trails and also the ‘Pump Track’ at Glengarry.

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